NAPO Waiver – For in person meetings and events.


I understand that, in connection with participating in the ______________________________

(“the Event”) being sponsored by ___________________________ (“Sponsor”) and held at

_____________________________________ (“Venue”), I may be exposed to persons who,

knowingly or unknowingly, are infected with the novel coronavirus and/or have contracted

COVID-19. The waiver, release and other representations set forth herein are given in

consideration for the Sponsor and the Venue permitting me to participate in the Event.

1. Acceptance of Risk; Release; Indemnification. I am fully aware that there are a number of risks

associated with me entering onto the Venue property and participating in the Event during the

COVID-19 pandemic, including without limitation: (a) I could contract COVID-19 or other

diseases which could result in a serious medical condition requiring medical treatment in a

hospital or which could possibly lead to death; and (b) I will be subject to normal risks associated

with participating in the Event, such as physical injuries or even death or loss or damage to

personal property, including without limitation, from slips or falls, food poisoning or allergic

reaction to food served during the Event, physical or verbal altercations with Venue staff or other

Event participants, or injury due to the nature of the Event. On behalf of myself and my heirs,

successors and assigns, I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown,

relating to my participation in the Event and being present at the Venue, and I hereby forever

release, waive, relinquish and discharge the Sponsor, the Venue and any national organization

with which Sponsor may be affiliated, along with their officers, directors, managers, officials,

trustees, agents, employees or other representatives, and their successors and assigns (collectively,

the “Sponsor and Venue Representatives”), from any and all claims, demands, liabilities, rights,

damages, expenses, and causes of action of whatever kind or nature, and other losses of any kind,

whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen, (collectively, “Damages”) as a result of me

being present on the Venue property and participating at the Event as described above, including

but not limited to those related to the above described personal injuries, death, disease or property

losses, or any other loss, and including but not limited to claims based on the alleged negligence

of any Sponsor or Venue Representative or any other person. I further promise not to sue the

Sponsor or the Venue or any Sponsor or Venue Representative, and agree to indemnify and hold

them harmless from any and all Damages resulting from my being present at the Venue and

participating in the Event.

2. Affirmative Representations. I represent and warrant that I will not enter the Venue or

participate in the Event if (a) I am aware, as of the date of the Event, that I have contracted and

not completely recovered from COVID-19; (b) I am aware, as of the date of the Event, that I have

been exposed within the prior two weeks to someone who had contracted or was subsequently

determined to have contracted, COVID-19; (c) I have been tested for COVID-19 but not yet

received the results of such test; or (d) I have symptoms consistent with having contracted

COVID-19. I also represent and warrant that, during the course of the Event, I will comply with

all applicable regulations and guidelines regarding COVID-19, including those imposed by the

Venue and/or the Sponsor.



Name of Participant (printed) ____________________________ Age: ____________

Signature _________________________________ Date: _________________________