Business Partner Membership Information

Business Partners – businesses with products and services that are complementary to the organizing industry, benefit from:

  • Have the ability to develop alliances with enthusiastic NAPO-NC members who promote the Business Partner’s products and/or services in the course of daily business.
  • Enjoy networking opportunities with chapter members at every NAPO-NC meeting throughout the year – before each chapter meeting program and again after our featured speakers’ presentations.
  • Have the opportunity for a ten-minute introductory presentation to those in attendance the evening of the Business Partner’s first Chapter meeting, which must be within three months of joining NAPO-NC.
  • Have the opportunity for a two-minute presentation to those attending each NAPO-NC meeting throughout the year at which the business has representation, letting everyone in attendance know about that company’s products and/or services.
  • Have promotional products available for distribution on a table near members’ registration at any NAPO-NC meeting at which the business has representation.
  • Receive company listing on the NAPO-NC website, including contact information, a brief description of products and/or services offered and a link to company’s website.
  • Added to Point, our interactive networking tool, particularly to make professional organizer members aware of specials or events your company is offering that might be of value to those organizers or their clients.
  • Invited to participate in Get Organized Month events for promotional opportunities.

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