NAPO North Carolina Chapter

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Board of Directors


Meredith Goodwin

The President supervises chapter business and activities; creates agenda and presides over board of director meetings and general membership meetings; approves obligations of the chapter, including all communications and contracts representing the chapter; serves as a liaison to NAPO and other chapters.

Vice President

Perri Kersh

The Vice President acts in place of the President when the President is absent or unable to act; performs duties that are requested and/or delegated by the president; communicates with potential new members as well as newly registered NAPO members; oversees the Director of Membership and the committees that fall under that Director.


Lindsay Frey

The Secretary records, prepares, disseminates and maintains minutes of the chapter Board of Directors meetings and chapter meetings; provides minutes for approval by all meeting participants; maintains inventory of chapter’s official supplies and materials; maintains chapter historical records and operations documents; performs other duties as requested and/or delegated by the President.


Rebecca Schaeffer

The Treasurer acts as Treasurer for the Chapter and chair of the Finance Committee; is responsible for the funds and finances of the Chapter; prepares and forwards to NAPO all financial reports and budgets as outlined in the Chapter Handbook; collects and accounts for all chapter dues and meeting fees; pays chapter financial obligations; reviews Chapter financial records and presents them to the Chapter Membership at least quarterly; reviews contracts and/ or agreements.

Immediate Past President

Stefanie Watkins

The Immediate Past President shall serve as advisor to the President; shall chair the Nominating Committee; and may serve as parliamentarian for board meetings and chapter meetings.

Golden Circle Member

Director of Communications and Technology

Kathi Zung

The Director of Communications and Technology oversees the chapter web site, email newsletter, group communications, private Yahoo group and listserv, maintains the digital media library, and monitors media tracking.

Director of Marketing

Leanna Murphy

The Director of Marketing explores, creates, and engages in media, business, and community opportunities and events for the purpose of promoting the NAPO-NC chapter and the organizing profession.

Director of Membership

Allison Flinn, CPO®

The Director of Membership oversees hospitality, facilitates registration of new members and Associate Memberships, new member services and social events.

Director of Professional Development

Daria Harvey

The Director of Professional Development plans, coordinates and executes the educational portion of the general meetings; oversees the chapter conference and handles the chapter meeting location.

Business Partner Member Director

Patrick Sterken

The Business Partner Member Director serves as liaison between the Chapter Board and the Business Partner Members of the Chapter, providing a voice for Business Partner Members’ wants and needs as decisions are made on behalf of the chapter; encourages BP Members’ involvement in Chapter operations as well as with Professional Organizer Members.

Director of Administration

Currently Open. Please email if interested.

The Director of Administration shall perform duties related to the following, either directly or through a committee chair: Polices and Procedures, Historian, Librarian; and other duties as requested and/or delegated by the President.